February 1, 2023

“Not enough time” is not a good enough reason to hold back your dreams

This is what my average day as an investor looks like: a breakfast meeting, a lunch meeting, and multiple meetings interspersed between. And if I don’t have a dinner meeting, then I at least have a networking event. At peak times, I might have as many as seven to eight meetings a day. This kind of lifestyle makes it hard to find time to do anything else.

Not having enough time and time management are the universal concerns of modern-day life. But I have some secret life hacks, and here is one of them. Break the things you want to do down into the smallest units, and rather than arranging a specific time for them, try to integrate them into your regular life. Without expending extra time and effort, performing these small tasks becomes more sustainable and can add up to significant results. 

Last year, one such time experiment made me discover that if you master the equation of (self-discipline + willpower) x time, you can achieve infinite possibilities. 

In my case, I made a seemingly small but powerful health promise to myself to walk more than 10 km or 10,000 steps a day consecutively.

The primary challenge was finding time to walk in my bursting schedule. So, I integrated the walking goal into my daily activities. I’d invite participants to a “walking meeting”. I also made walking my primary mode of transport wherever possible. Beyond the health benefits, these walks helped me remove myself from the distractions of daily life to better think about things or even just let go of all thoughts, which allowed me to go back to work in a healthier state of mind for better performance and decision-making.

I kept to my promise, and every day over the past year, regardless of whether I was in the US or Egypt, or if the weather was sunny, windy, or rainy, I completed my 10,000 steps. My annual total was over 5.9 million, or an average of 18,000 steps per day, which means I exceeded my goal! Not only have I walked my way to fitness, but I’ve accumulated a great deal of inspiration, confidence, and self-discipline during my countless walks and conversations. It has added up to one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life. 

The experience also solidified the concept in my heart that I can overcome any challenge and make time to realize my ideals as long as I put my mind to it. The next time you have a goal you want to achieve but don’t have the time for it, break out of the box and find a creative way to integrate the goal into your daily life.

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