April 25, 2022

【Knowledge Surfing EP 15.】NFTs: The New Frontier of Investment?

It’s impossible to ignore the social media clamor. It seems every other day a new investor has 30x their portfolio by trading NFTs, but how much of it is legit? Are NFTs the latest pyramid scheme or have they revolutionized crowdfunding?

In this episode, we are excited to have Ray, an active crypto trader, take us on a tour of the world of NFTs. Beginning with a brief history of his own experience as a computer science student in the early days of Bitcoin, to his current investments in NFTs.

Ray graduated from UCLA and worked at Facebook as a product manager for 6 years. In late 2020, he moved to Taiwan and quit his job to become a full-time crypto trader. Ray is an early holder of Mutant Ape, Azuki, and other blue chip NFTs. 

This episode will not be riddled with jargon but will give the listener a comprehensive understanding of NFTs, their potential, and what to look for when considering an investment. Ray dives deep into the membership experience that is an NFT stating it’s not just about the art, but the team behind the project and their ability to execute. 


🌞 A school presentation on Bitcoin, the Dark Web, and the Silk Road. 

🛫️ NFT is not just a Jpeg but a membership program.

🚢 Why did Ray buy over 70 Azuki? And what’s the deal with these mystery beans?

🤔 The ultimate beginners’ guide to NFT investment.

*The contents of this episode are not investment advice. Careful research and risk assessment should be made before investing.

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