May 27, 2022

【Knowledge Surfing EP 18.】Connecting communities in the Metaverse

Conducting due diligence on a Web3 startup is like drinking from a firehose – there’s just so much information coming at you that it’s hard to know where to start. How does anyone keep up with the overwhelming number of new projects launching every month? And why on earth would land be scarce in the metaverse? 

In this episode, we are excited to sit down with Willy Wu, former General Manager of Uber Taiwan and the current co-founder of Arcade, a metaverse that incorporates all NFT projects. Sit back and relax as Willy addresses the information overflow problem and talks about the utility of land in the metaverse. Find out the difference between working in Web2 and Web3 and how the latter is moving at breakneck speed. From working with Uber to Yuga Labs, Willy’s career journey is one of innovation, open-mindedness, and flexibility. 

This episode does not disappoint – Willy drops some serious knowledge on the NFT space and gives us a glimpse into the future of the metaverse. So whether you’re a founder looking for due diligence tips or an investor trying to keep up with the latest trends, this episode is for you. Tune in now and happy knowledge surfing!

🌞 From Uber Taiwan to web3 founder how Willy Wu thinks about building a successful project.
🛫️ Yuga Labs, Minty Score, and the Arcade Metaverse.
🚢 The difference between web2 and web3 and how to overcome the challenges.
🤔 The importance of community and building the right core product.

*The contents of this episode are not investment advice. Careful research and risk assessment should be made before investing.

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