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    Does your firm have a specific investment focus?

    We invest in promising early-stage startups based in Greater China and the US. We are sector-agnostic and will look at any company enabled by technology.
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    What is your average check size? Do you lead deals?

    Our first check size usually ranges from $0.5M to $1M USD. We lead and happily co-invest alongside others.
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    When is the right time to talk to you?

    It’s never too early to start a conversation with us. We are usually the first institutional investor of the companies we invest in.
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    What should be included in my pitch deck?

    Team is the most important element when we make investment decisions. We love to work with founders who are exceptional and have an unconventional approach to solving big problems. So a clear description of your founding team, their past experience, and why they’re the best team to tackle this problem is a must.
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    How do you help your portfolios?

    With a network across the US and Greater China, we’re eager to share best practices, business model innovation and emerging consumer trends from abroad to inspire what our founders are building locally. We love to get our hands dirty too - and happily roll up our sleeves to join your interview panels, rehearse your pitch, or introduce you to future customers/investors/domain experts.

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    1F., No. 56, Ln. 122,Sec. 4, Ren’ai Rd.,
    Da’an Dist., Taipei City, Taiwan

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    San Francisco