April 27, 2023

Delivering the Future: Rybit’s Role in Revolutionizing the Last Mile Delivery Industry with Technology Deeply Rooted in Sharing

When asked about the inspiration for his entrepreneurial journey, Rybit Founder Mark Lin spoke of Mumbai, India, where he spent years immersed in the city’s paradoxical chaos.

“Mumbai is my movable feast,” Mark said, evoking Hemingway’s memoir of expat life in Paris. “There is little rule when navigating through the city. Some people find it annoying and exhausting, but for me, it is a challenge to find the method to madness, just as one finds their way to enjoy the madness of the Mumbai train.”

In Mumbai, Mark found inspiration from navigating through the seemingly chaotic environment and from a unique, legendary group: Dabbawallas, leading him to create innovative solutions in the last-mile delivery/micro-logistics space.

Inspiration from Dabbawallas

Dating back to the 1800’s, the dabbawalla network is made possible by over 5,000 couriers who collect more than 200,000 lunchboxes from Mumbai households per day and deliver them to office workers on time using bicycles and trains, with a 99.9999% success rate, which means fewer than 1 in 6 million orders is incorrect.

While leading the international operations for Mobike, Mark spearheaded the partnership with Dabbawallas.  After observing the scale and service level of Dabbawalla firsthand for years, Mark realized that technology could solve the major pain points for these deliverymen and help them scale more efficiently while optimizing the utilization of bicycles, operation efficiency, and the value of their time.

Enter Rybit (which stands for “ride” and “bit”, for small and digital)

The Company offers delivery e-bike leasing and subscription services to B2B customers in food and beverage, retail, and logistics sectors.

Its platform provides hardware, software, and IoT integration, allowing customers to save significant financial and operational resources and have peace of mind by not owning e-bikes. The solution offers advanced technology for preventative maintenance, mobility asset management, route optimization and data analytics, making it a cost-effective and fully integrated solution for B2B customers.

Last Mile Delivery: high complexity, invisible costs increase burden on enterprises

Despite being the shortest part of the supply chain journey, last mile delivery is notoriously complex due to a multitude of uncontrollable factors. Different cities have varying road designs, traffic densities, and local regulations, making deliveries a logistical nightmare.

Business Intelligence research has found that while the last mile delivery distance may be short, the cost can account for as much as 53% of total logistics expenses, posing a significant challenge for companies.

However, with electric-assisted bicycles or ebikes expected to achieve a 20-fold growth in commercial usage over the next decade, Rybit is poised to own a large share of the market for its unique combination of hardware, software, and asset management capabilities.

Rybit: the market leader in Europe, generating half a million emission-free miles every day

Rybit’s team members have experience in managing millions of shared micro-mobility devices in over 100 cities worldwide, which gave Rybit a significant edge in the fleet management know-how.

Within less than three years, Rybit now powers over 40,000 micro-mobility vehicles in 50 cities worldwide, generating half a million emission-free miles every day. The company has also formed strong partnerships with local franchisees and operates independently, securing strong partnership from major brands such as Domino’s, McDonald’s, Subway, Burger King, PizzaHut, just to name a few.

Rybit now reigns as Europe’s largest smart delivery e-bike leasing and subscription platform, providing real-time fleet management and rental services to meet the demand for Last Mile Delivery.

Key Takeaways 

  • Mark looked at a centuries-old yet highly efficient system and thought of how technology could resolve pain points happening today. 
  • Last mile delivery is costly and complex. Rybit offers a cost-effective solution with advanced technology for preventative maintenance, asset management, and route optimization.
  • Rybit is Europe’s largest smart e-bike delivery platform with over 40,000 vehicles, partnerships with major brands and experienced fleet management.

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