June 26, 2023

Reinforcing self-worth in an era of anxiety

From the era of social networks to the currently emerging onset of AI, our society is in a state of extreme and rapid flux. If I had to assign one keyword to represent this period in time, it would be “anxiety”. 

There are many sources contributing to this anxiety, but I see a lack of self-worth and self-esteem to be the critical factors. And without a stable sense of self-worth, we are like a tree without roots that the slightest breeze can blow over. For example, scrolling through connections’ seemingly perfect lives on social media can make us feel inferior. Many of us frequently experience “imposter syndrome” in our professional lives. We are even feeling our job roles could possibly be replaced by AI. And the thing about anxiety is that once it gets started, it often snowballs until it ends up crushing our sense of self-worth beneath it.

Thus, we find ourselves on a relentless quest for anxiety antidotes. But I firmly believe that the answer lies within us—we must nurture a tree of self-worth within our own hearts.

I arrived at this conclusion by observing some of the most successful entrepreneurs, innovative workers, and performers I’ve met. They all share one trait: a deeply ingrained sense of self-worth.

This intense self-affirmation fuels their unwavering confidence and audacious courage, empowering them to believe in the value of their entrepreneurial endeavors, bold new work initiatives, or performance in entertainment or sports. It outfits them with the unwavering confidence and courage that they need to see and act on the value in the uncertain course they are taking in their endeavors. If all it takes is one criticism to wither away their confidence, how can they overcome their fears, take that crucial first step, and keep going when everything seems impossible? 

In contrast, nurturing self-worth through continuous self-exploration and self-acknowledgment is akin to planting a robust tree of self-worth. No matter the scorching sun or drenching rain, it holds firm, shielding us from self-doubt and subsequent anxiety. 

As I see it, our world’s anxiety sources will only grow, not reduce. But with a solid sense of self-worth, those anxieties will feel much easier to navigate.

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